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Friday, 13 January 2012

Naughty MMR Injection

It has been absolutely ages since I have had a chance to write and even now I am trying to write this quickly before my little one wakes up but there is something I have been wanting to get off my chest for a while and cannot rest until I have done so.

You see, I took my one year old boy for his MMR injection a month ago.  I wasn't expecting him to have any particular bad reaction to it.  My daughter had had her injections and had got through them with maybe a slight temperature but not much more.  However, a week after the injection my son had a sleepless night where his temperature was over 100.  The following morning we did the usual school run and on returning home and placing my little one on the floor I realised that he couldn't stand up properly, I must point out here that he had been walking for about a month and was quite steady on his feet already.  He kept falling over and was crying uncontrollably as if he was in discomfort and very frustrated that every time he got back up he fell over again.  As you can imagine, I went completely OTT and in a panic rang NHS direct.  By the time  I got to speak to a nurse he had calmed down and seemed to be able to walk again. 

Anyhow, this continued for about three days.  Whenever my son had been resting and then got up to walk he seemed to struggle and fall over and cry uncontrollably for at least ten minutes and then whatever it was that was bothering him seemed to pass.  I was very concerned.   It then occurred to me that my son had had his MMR injection in his leg and wondered if this could be connected.  I looked up "MMR and baby unable to walk" on the internet.  To my surprise I came across a blog where their child had suffered a high temperature and then been unable to walk after having the MMR jab and underneath that blog about fifty responses from parents whose children had suffered the same thing, some of whom were older children who could tell their parents that their leg was hurting.  Needless to say, I was disgusted.  If cramps in the leg were a side effect of the MMR injection then why wasn't this side effect detailed on the paperwork that comes with the injection?

I wanted to raise this in a blog myself to see if any other babies/childen have suffered this reaction after their MMR injection.  I also wanted to put other parents minds at rest if it happens to their child as the blog I came across certainly helped me.  You will be pleased to know that the reaction lasted about a week and my little boy seems to be fine now but if I had known this could be a side effect of the jab at the time then I could have been saved the stress and worry I went through with my son.

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