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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bloomin Good Calendar Required

The reality of having such a big age gap between my children usually kicks in when I have to deal with the bigger things in life such as going on holiday or in this case going back to work!  Childcare whilst I am at work more to the point.   Last time it was easy, it was just Freya, and my mum and my husband's mum were more than happy to look after her between them.  She got to spend quality time with her grandparents and I didn't have to worry about childcare costs, great.  This time, however, lets just say it has got far more complicated!

My mum has moved away, my husband's mum hasn't moved away but I think she would quite like to seeing as she hasn't had a break from looking after granchildren for the past thirteen years and thought that the grandchild prior to mine was going to be the last one - little did she know.    She has though kindly offered to look after Finlay for one day.   So just two days to cover - easy, put him into nursery.  Hmmm not so easy, the nursery Freya went to when she was a bit older is obviously my preferred choice, Freya was very happy there but my company go and throw a spanner in the works by offering a staff discount at a nursery just down the road from them.  Not only that but I can park at that particular nursery and walk/cycle to work from there which then saves on parking fees at work and I get fit at the same time. 

Decision made - nursery closest to work it is, it's more convenient and I save money, as a bonus the nursery seems lovely and staff very nice.  Great.  Oops, hold on a minute, what about Freya?  I forgot about her.  School finishes at 3.00 pm and I'll still be at work, help.  Okay, after school club sounds goods or there is a local childminder school mum who would be happy to look after her for a few hours.  Sorted.  

Did I really think it would be that easy - of course not, if Finlay needs to be dropped off at the grandparents on one of the days then Freya will need to be dropped somewhere before school starts, oh, and what about the fact that she goes to Rainbows on a Monday at 5.15 pm - how will she get there?  Thank goodness Gymbobs has stopped on a Thursday!   Problems solved, breakfast club or childminder, best friend will hopefully do the Rainbows run.

Phew, is there anything else to think about, nope, all covered, oh, except one more thing - does anyone know where I can get a bloomin good calendar!!!!  

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