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Monday, 13 February 2012

A missed photo opportunity

I saw the Britmums blog prompt this week and knew immediately what I would write. The prompt "what photograph do you wish you had taken?" took me straight back to a moment in time where the world stood still for just a tiny millisecond. Where everyone who witnessed it held their breath and then released that breath in relief when the moment had passed. The moment when a tiny, cute, cuddly pug dog touched noses with a ginormous, muddy, very unfriendly looking cow!!! Yes, you heard right, a tiny pug dog and a massive fat cow, touching noses and then continuing on with their individual journeys without so much as a backwards glance. The sort of stuff that You Tube is made of, the sort of stuff that would get 1 million hits and guess what, not one of us, not even the one of us with a posh, new, all singing, all dancing, camera took a bloody photo.... Picture the scene if you will. There we all were, on one of our many family camping trips to the New Forest, chilling by the rippling, cold stream. Kids laughing and swinging on the rope swing, shoes strewn over the grass verge, legs covered in mud. Adults perched on large rocks and logs, enjoying the peace and tranquility and pugsy the family pet pug running happily back and forth through the stream. Heaven. Then what should we hear in the distance but the slow, heavy, stamping of feet. We know some kind of herd is heading our way but, quite frankly, in the New Forest it could be anything. We promptly gather the children up and all group together in a safe area when what should appear through the trees but a small herd of very large cows. They promptly pass us by and splash there way through the stream but then we notice pugsy, hugely intrigued by these enormous black and white beasts, breaking away from our safe place and making his way towards the last cow in the herd, we freeze, we are silent, we will the cow not to notice this ugly, bulgy eyed, yappy creature heading towards him but he does, he stops, pugsy stops, he lowers his massive head, we cannot move, pugsy dares not move and then, omg, well I never, did you ever, they touch cold, black, shiny noses and that is it, a moment in time, the cow continues on its journey, the pug dog now thinks that maybe it is really a cat with nine lives. We cannot believe what we have just witnessed but then we promptly realise that neither will anyone else believe us because not one of us took a bloody picture!

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  1. Wow that is an incredible story! I wish you'd captured that photo too... what a brave pug!