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Monday, 10 October 2011

How many nicknames can one baby have!!!!

I apologise in advance but you might find this post a little gushy!  You see, my little boy turns one in just four weeks' time and has taken nine steps on his own in the last couple of days.  I cannot believe that a year has gone by already and I can officially say that I am in mourning for the loss of my gorgeous, smiley, chunky baby boy who is on the verge of becoming a toddler.  Believe you me I have prior experience of toddlers, my daughter was a very good example of one, and boy was I glad when she started school!

So, in recognition of my little Finlay Firework (nickname number one.  His very first nickname bestowed upon him when he literally shot out like a rocket (sorry for that image you now have in your heads!) on, you guessed it, guy fawks night 2010), I am going to use this post to share the plethora of nicknames that FF has already been given in his short time on this planet but also the reasons behind those nicknames and how they have made me the proud mummy that I am today.

Smiley Miley (nickname number two.  Awarded to him because of the permanent smile he has had plastered across his face since six weeks old).  Honestly, the boy likes to smile - when you walk in his bedroom first thing in the morning you are greeted with a huge grin from ear to ear, when you tell him off he gives you such a cheeky grin that he makes you feel bad for telling him off (he is so going to use that one on me as he gets older!) and strangers pay him the slightest bit of attention and he rewards them with the biggest grin that even stretches past his dummy.  His smile is infectious and all that are lucky enough to receive one (and that is pretty much everyone) will  be touched for the rest of the day.

Fatboy Finn (nickname number three because, well, lets face it, he is chunkier than a yorkie bar).  He has rolls of chub on top of rolls of chub.  You can't see where his knees begin and his ankles end.  His hands are like star fish and his feet are so big that I have only just been able to find shoes that I can get his feet into.   What makes his chubbiness even cuter, though, is that he is a growler.  On a recent settle in session at the nursery, I witnessed him fee fi fo thumbing his way around the nursery on his rather large feet, when one of the other baby boys started up a little conversation with him, as babies do, with cute little goos and gaas and FF took one look at him, opened his mouth, and let out an almighty  "growwwwl".  The poor little boy handed FF the toy he had in his hand and scuttled off quick as you like, the funny thing is that when I glanced over at FF he had the biggest smile on his face!

Fatboy Finn isn't the only famous musician in our family though, his cousin, George, who is the complete opposite to FF, being very tiny, has been given the nickname G-Diddy!

So here's hoping that my Finlay Firework, Smiley Miley, Fatboy Finn, Finlayboo (nickname number four - not really any reason for this one, just sounded cute) continues to make me smile and doesn't go on to get the nickname "terrible toddler"! 

Oh, and just because I don't want to leave my beautiful daughter out, of whom I am also hugely proud, here's to her one and only nickname in six years - Freya Jayne (which technically isn't really a nickname as it is just her first and second names!).  Freya Jayne she has only ever been, Freya Jane she is now and Freya Jayne she will always be.

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  1. Really nice post - imaginative nick names. Just wanted to let you know that you have been awarded the Liebster Blog award - see my blog for details.