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About Me

I am what one would term as an "older mum".  I gave birth to my gorgeous son, Finlay, ten months ago when I was aged 39.  I already have a beautiful little girl, Freya, who is six years old.  I live in a terraced Victorian property in Kent with my husband, children, cat called Tilley and lots of fish.  I decided to start this blog as having turned 40 I suddenly feel the need to get out there and do new things, blogging being one of them and thought it would be good to have a blog that would be of interest to not only those older mums but mums who have a larger than average age gap between their children and the trials and tribulations of things like trying to do school runs with baby in tow (especially when it is raining) and trying to keep baby happy whilst six year old goes to one of her many after school clubs!   I love writing things, would never find the courage to write a book so putting my thoughts and feelings into a blog seems like a fab idea.