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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Britmums Prompt: If I wouldn't be judged harshly I would say...

I have not taken part in the Britmums Prompt before as I am new to the blogging world but as I am a great believer that honesty is always the best policy I thought it was a brilliant prompt to get us bloggers confessing those things that we might not ordinarily have shared.

So, if I wouldn't be judged harshly I would say... that myself (and my husband) have sometimes inappropriately laughed at our six year old daughter as if we were six year olds ourselves!!

I hate to admit it but there have been a few times in her six years that we may have laughed when perhaps we should have kept straight, I'm a caring and considerate parent faces.  But sometimes, when that certain six year old is ranting and raving and having another one of her huge tantrums over something really insignificant, you just want to laugh, and the more you tell yourself you shouldn't laugh, the more you want to laugh, and then you catch your partner's eyes and you share a joint "I really want to laugh" look and that's it, my caring and considerate face has gone and the laugh comes out.

Why is it that when you know you shouldn't laugh, you literally hurl that first "ha" out of your mouth as if you are a cat with a giant hairball and when you try to stop yourself from laughing by closing your mouth its as if that pesky hairball makes its way to your belly and starts tickling it so that you then start shaking all over.

Needless to say my daughter is never impressed when her mum and dad start laughing at her when she is mid-tantrum and unfortunately I can't even say that, actually, we are being extremely clever because we use it as a distraction technique and when she sees us laughing she realises how insignificant and boring her little tantrum is and starts laughing with us.  Nope.  All I can say is, in my defence, that sometimes us parents just need to let off a little bit of steam, feel as if we are in cohorts with our partners and just see the funny side of parenting.

So, whilst confessing about laughing at my poor daughter's expense, I may as well own up to my most recent case of inappropriate laughing.  It was just a few days ago when she came out of her bedroom to go to the toilet in a sleepy haze and didn't realise the toilet seat was up.  The thing is she looked so funny with her legs and arms literally hanging over the toilet as if it had swallowed the rest of her up for tea and she was so sleepy that she was completely oblivious to it all.  After my husband had rescued her from the child eating toilet and she had climbed back into her bed my husband and I once again caught each others eyes and that pesky hairball made a reappearance.  At least she didn't know we were laughing at her this time, she was happily in the land of nod.

I really hope that I am not the only parent out there that has ever laughed at something silly their child has done or at a really fake tantrum they are throwing.  If I am then how bad do I feel!   All I can say is that I will try to control my extremely inappropriate behaviour in the future and maybe it would be wise to not catch my husband's eyes!


  1. Love this post ! I laugh at my 3 yr old constantly - though sometimes I have to leave the room to crack up so she doesn't see me do it.
    Today she stubbed her toe and said 'for f*cks sake' I was mortified! Where did she get that from ?! (her father I suspect) and I explained that it was a bad word in my sternest voice...
    before turning round,walking off and giggling like I was still at school and someone farted!

    Please to meet you by the way - I write the 'Newbie Tuesday' column on the BritMums blog and also host Love New Blogs for newer bloggers like yourself to showcase your writing and make new blogging chums - swing over if want to see how to join in !

  2. Hands up here! I do the same with my 3 year old. I absolve you from any guilt! ;) We ALL do's the best part about being a parent! ;)

    Thanks so much for taking part in this week's BritMums Blogging Prompt! Come back next week for more!

    :) Karin @ BritMums

  3. haha I love this, my son is 21 months and I often laugh at him and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come from him and his little sister.

    Great post :)